Oh Crap! Your website is down!

Do you know who you’re going to call?

Do they have the user name and password to fix things?

Will they be able to respond quickly?

Of course this is a worst case scenario. Wouldn’t it be better to have someone monitoring the site with the access and backups needed in case something happens?

Oh that’s crazy, it’s never going to happen! Hopefully not!

Do you have someone you can call for advise, recommendations, and questions?

Things like; Do I really need to renew my domain, I just did that?

Is the hosting platform a good deal?

Should I be using this hot new technology?

These things come up a lot. Cost you a lot of time and energy. That’s not good for you or your business!

Lastly, you need to make some last minute marketing changes to the website and look into a new project that will bring in more sales.

Does your provider have time?

Will they work quickly?

We know these things come up and often with out notice. Business moves fast and we’re here to help your website and projects keep up.

We kept hearing these things from clients and designed our Director of Web Strategy Service to address these things for with your business. It’s simple and cost effective!

How It Works

First, we do an initial assessment. Review your business goals, your current web strategy and where to go.

  • Business goals review.
  • Review your website, databases, and servers.
  • Make sure things are backed up.
  • Check you domain registration.
  • Setup monitoring.
  • Setup backups.
  • Setup analytics
  • Create a plan for moving your business forward with your web strategy

Some consults might leave you here, but we provide on going support to make sure your covered going forward.

  • Review to make sure the web strategy is in line with the business.
  • Call anytime regarding website questions, advise, or recommendations.
  • Monthly check on site and database backups.
  • Review website uptime and analytics.
  • Unlimited marketing changes to website content.
  • User name and password management.
  • Immediate response for emergency issues, such as, the site is down.
  • 24 hour response time for non-emergency issues.
  • High priority for development projects.
  • 25% discount on our hourly rate.

Lastly, because we intimately involved, when you need extra development or additional support, we can jump in quickly and help effectively

  • Custom development and maintenance.
  • Find vendors.
  • Writing job descriptions.
  • Project planning.
  • Interviewing for technical positions.

Contact Us to get started!

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Web Basics


You Rocked it! Huge success with the proof of concept. Client loved it and the possibilities it provides!
—Dan, CEO, Rentbits

We worked with Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting for about 1.5 months on a project supporting development of a Java-based Web service using the Play! Framework. Dusty was very easy to work with. During and after the project's execution, he and Red27 were readily available to answer questions and help us fix bugs. Another important aspect of the consulting we did with Red27 was our need for a developer who understood how quickly things move and can change in a startup environment. Dusty did a great job of filling that role. He quickly adapted to multiple revisions of the project's specifications and integrated his work with our existing codebase. Omniar would choose to work with Red27 again.
—Zach, CTO, Omniar, Inc.

Red27 Consulting has provided us with excellent service for seven years. From web design, to content management, to maintenance and security, Red27 takes care of all our IT needs, allowing us to focus on our business.
—Gary Scott, CEO, Dynasty Painting

Red27 is a mission-critical part of the team that is steering our young market research and communications company full steam ahead. We have entrusted short-term projects and long-term technology planning in Red27 -- which has always exceeded our expectations on time and on budget. It's invaluable to have the support of expert Web developers, who act with integrity and with a competency that allows us to focus on growing our entire company.
—Christine Tatum, chief executive officer, Media Salad, Inc.

It was a pleasure working with Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting on fluidmeetingspaces.com. Being a small business it was critical that the project be completed on time and within our budget, Red27 helped make this happen while staying true to the vision and specifications of the project. Dusty was very responsive during the project and remains very responsive even after project completion. I always had a comfort level with Dusty that the projects success was as important to him as it was to me and the rest of our team.
—Jeff Aitken, Owner, Fluid Coffee Bar