Functional Mockups

So, you've got a great idea, and you need for it to be converted into an online model, or mockup, of your product or service. To help early-stage companies clear this crucial hurdle, Red27 builds functional mockups that honor this basic Lean Startup technique: do the smallest thing possible to learn from customers. Mockups are a great way to test and revise your ideas before you commit to building particular solutions. Mockups should:

  • Show something very close to what actually will be delivered. In other words, don't make promises you can't keep.
  • Look real. Simple wireframes and sketches may be faster to produce, but they're often not enough to convince people to trust your finished product.
  • Minimize waste. When you have limited time and resources, you don't want to create mockups that can't be easily converted into the technology in which the final product will be delivered.

Functional Mockup Process


  • You have a functioning mockup/prototype of your idea to show potential investors and customers.
  • You can test various assumptions about your idea.
  • You can find out what is needed to move forward.


  • Red27's Functional Mockups are built with Ruby on Rails.
  • Mockups are completed in one week.
  • Red27's Functional Mockup service includes a Findings Report that details what worked and what didn't.
  • Red27's Functional Mockups are provided for a fixed price.
  • The code Red27 delivers can be developed further by another firm, in-house -- or continued by Red27.