53% of Traditional Projects Fail!

Custom development is almost always a very costly waste of time and resources when it is not entrusted to highly skilled developers and IT managers. More than half -- 53 percent -- of traditionally managed IT projects are either troubled or failing at launch, according to one 2010 survey.


With Red27's Custom Development Services, you'll get everything you need, and nothing that you don't. We use many methods and practices that greatly increase the odds of success. Among them:

  • Agile development. This methodology allows requirements and solutions to evolve through collaboration among teams.
  • Fast feedback and quick iteration. The sooner you spot and correct a problem, the more likely you are to meet deadlines, maximize resources and save money. Red27 typically delivers a project as quickly as possible and makes adaptations and revisions (also known as "iterations") -- sometimes several times a day. We compare this process to knitting a sweater. If you spot a missed stitch soon after you make it, you can unravel a little yarn and move on. But if you don't catch your mistake until the end, you may have to unravel the whole sweater to repair that one stitch.
  • Local focus. On average, geographically close teams are 20 percent more successful than those with members scattered over great distances. We focus on local projects to increase communication -- and our chances of success.
  • Small teams. Studies show that small teams can be as much as 83 percent more successful -- in large part because they can move with greater speed and flexibility and tend to be much more focused and disciplined. Red27 specializes in running lean operations that cover a lot of ground very quickly.

Don't let your project fail. Contact Red27.