Tired of WordPress?

Dusty Candland | Sun Oct 22 2017 | WordPress, Jekyll, JAMstack, Static Sites

Tired of updating and backing up WordPress?

Tired of tweaking plugins?

Tired of having a slow website?

I was too! So I started moving a lot of my sites to Jekyll!

Jeykll is a static site generator, one of many. And static sites have a lot of benefits.

  • Faster! Everything is genereated up front so the site and load way faster.
  • Cheaper hosting! Since the site is just HTML without any server side processing hosting can be a lot cheaper.
  • No accounts to hack! There isn't an admin, so there's noone trying to get access to it.
  • No updates! At least not until you're ready. You can update the generator for added features, but you don't have to update the site to keep it secure.
  • No backups! Since the data is all in source code you don't have to keep up with database backups.
  • Simple migration! Again since it's just file, you can move hosts easily and quickly.
  • More control! Everything is easier to customize you have complete access to the source files.

I'm sure there's more benefits, but the bottom line is that if you're not posting new blogs every day you probably don't need all the overhead of a dynamice CMS like WordPress.

Here are a few examples:

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