Do you really need WordPress?

Dusty Candland | Sat Oct 07 2017 | websites, static sites, jekyll

WordPress is awesome! It runs 25%+ of websites today. I even host WordPress sites at WP Support HQ.

But do YOU really need WordPress?

Well, it depends.

Are you or others making changes to the content of the site often? Like every day or so?

Are you blogging a lot?

Do you want to customize things without being too technical?

If any of the above, then WordPress is a really good option. The one I'd recommend.

WordPress comes with some baggage by it's nature, and we can help with that, but I want to talk about another option.

Static Sites!

Huh? Static sites is a funny name for what used to be a basic website, just HTML.

But there's a little twist... Static sites are usually generated before being published.

Editing HTML isn't fun and it's error prone and that's where generators come in. They take content in plain text, and merge it into HTML when the content changes.

Sounds scary, but it's not. And if you don't change content very often you might not have to worry about it.

But why not just use WordPress?

Well WordPress, or any dynamic site, has some additional concerns. Like updating the code before attackers find security holes. Backups in case something goes wrong with an update or the Database crashes. You need a database! So hosting becomes important. And because they build the page each time, they are slow. All of these thing can be addressed, but if you don't need all that, then you're increasing your costs for no good reason.

Static Sites are

  • really fast
  • cheaper to build
  • cheaper to host
  • cheaper to maintain
  • easy to update
  • flexible

There's even a name for this trend... JAM Stack. You can find a bunch of info there and I'm going to continue writing about it here too.

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BTW... this site is built with a static generator called Jekyll