Node.JS and Twilio Guest Post at Twilio

Dusty Candland | Tue Feb 15 2011 | applications and frameworks, web applications

I recently did a guest post about using Twilio with Node.js.

Recently while working on a Functional Mockup for, we decided to use Node.js and Twilio. Combining these two technologies makes building SMS and telephony apps really easy. Node.js is a super fast, event-based, async server-side JavaScript engine. While the project is relatively young it has a very committed and growing community behind it.

Node.js on its own provides simple evented IO. The first step to building a Twilio app was to find a web framework to help handle the basics of HTTP and View rendering. Express is a popular framework that will work well for our needs. Using Express is enough to be able to receive an SMS message, get it’s content, and respond. That’s what I’m going to demonstrate here.

Read the whole post; Using Twilio with Node.js by Dusty Candland of Red27 Consulting.