Startup Weekend Denver

dusty candland | Sun Oct 17 2010 | startups

DenverStartup_header4 Startup Weekend finally came to Denver! Startup Weekend is an event that hosts entrepreneurs for a weekend to kickoff or further startup ideas in the community.

The inaugural Denver event had about 25 people, a bunch of great speakers, and ended up with four teams each building a startup. Startup Weekend Denver has more info about the four groups. I ended up with Spark Relief, a non-profit that is aiming to help communities help themselves during a disaster, the idea comes from, Eli and Julie out of the recent Boulder fire.

logo-lgOur team had 7 passionate people helping produce all the needed pieces to put together a non-profit in 54 hours. I think we made pretty good progress and much of it can be seen at A lot of progress on the organizations mission, goals, and internal setup aren’t completely reflected on the site, however a fair amount is.

Technically, the design was handled by Arron White, while I worked on the website’s code. We used github for hosting the source code and heroku for hosting the site. Both helped us collaborate and make significant progress quickly. I used Ruby on Rails to build the site and help us get a small slice of the technology working for the demo on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to continuing work on SparkRelief, I think it’s a good cause and has the potential power to really help communities in need. I hope the team continues to move the project forward. SWE 2010 Spark Reief Team

If you have a Startup Weekend close and you’re interested in entrepreneurship you should really go check it out. If there isn’t one, I think Startup Weekend is really good about getting one in your city, but they’ll need your help. A big thanks to Jon Rossi and all the sponsors for getting this going in Denver!