Consulting for Omniar a TechStars Company

dusty candland | Mon Sep 20 2010 | clients, startups

This summer I had the opportunity to to do some development work for Omniar, one of the TechStars Boulder companies. This was an awesome experience and really had that startup feel that I love. There was a ton of energy and excitement around the work, even for me working remotely. And the Omniar team was great to work with. I worked on the content entry website and the API accessing the awesome 3D technology Omniar is creating. Checkout their latest video to see what they’re working on.

From the consulting side one of the risks working with startups is that requirements can change quickly as the company progresses. This happened with Omniar and it worked out great, partly because I was working directly with the developers and partly because those changes were anticipated and we were able to make sensible trade offs. Regardless, I was able to deliver the needed technology pieces to help get them to a working demo for investor day.

I really enjoy working in the startup space and being a part, even a small one, of some new idea or technology that could change the way people do things. If you think I can help you or someone you know with a technology startup, please contact me!