What Is a Lean Startup, and Why Do I Care?

Dusty Candland | Sun May 09 2010 | startups

Efficiency, simplicity, speed and flexibility will save you, your team and your entire company valuable resources. These traits are the hallmarks of a Lean Startup -- early-stage companies that are built using manufacturing ideas borrowed from the heralded Toyota Production System.

These ideas fortunately have found their ways into software development thanks to various ideologies and movements, including Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum and Agile development. For nearly a decade, Red27's founder, Dusty Candland, and developers have used some of these processes to execute myriad tech projects and launch companies successfully.

The Lean Startup aims to create a viable business by systematically overcoming the unknown as quickly as possible using customer feedback and Agile Product Development. In other words, smart companies save a lot of money and time when they seek input from their markets early and often and have developers make corrections, repairs and advancements promptly. Businesses can quickly pivot direction when they turn "unknowns" into "knowns."

Here's a look at how a Lean Startup operates:

Lean Startup - Customer Development + Agile Development

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