Pick.im, A Great Start-up For Freelancers

dusty candland | Tue Mar 30 2010 | minimum viable product, startups

I setup my profile on Pick.im, a freelancer marketplace setup to help freelancers get work. I think the site’s going to be a great service for locating freelancers and hopefully getting work as a freelancer.

It’s also a great example of a minimum viable product. The site’s been released with a minimum amount of features, allowing the users to help shape what the site’s going to be. More about the approach from the pick.im blog; Minimum Viable Product. I think this is a great approach and look forward to its success as an example of releasing early and often.

Checkout my profile, and if you’re a freelancer signup and help build out the service! BTW, I have a few invites, let me know if you want one.