Open Source Tools Used By Red27

dusty candland | Sat Mar 20 2010 | tools

Open Source tools are important to understand and use in order build applications quickly. Here's a list that we commonly use and highly recommend.

SVNgitSubversion and Git are source code management systems used to keep the revisions accessible and allow for developer collaboration.

NUnitRhino.MocksNUnit and Rhino.Mocks are tools for unit testing code to ensure it is operating correctly continues to do so in the future.

jQueryjQuery is a cross-browser javascript library used to create highly interactive sites, including AJAX enabled websites.

SparkmvcSpark View Engine and ASP.NET MVC are used to build the user interface layer on the server.

NHibernateFluent NHibernateNHibernate is an object relational mapper, which helps reduces the time it takes to write data centric applications. Fluent NHibernate further reduces that time by allowing quick iterations of the data design mapping NHibernate with conventions.

castleThe Castle Project is a framework and set of components that allow for quicker integration of various software building blocks like, NHibernate, log4net, Spark View Engine, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), etc.

log4netLog4net is a logging framework used for diagnostics.

NSBNServiceBus is used create powerful service orientated applications by providing a messaging framework used to decouple integrated systems.